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Are You Suffering From Toxic Overload?

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When I used to work in the police I worked long hours but wanted to stay as fresh as a daisy all day so I used to use a certain perfume everyday. To keep the scent for an 11 hour shift I would layer it using shower gel, body lotion and perfume.  I would leave the house smelling like an angel.After a while my skin would itch and I had bumps all over my arms and if I went out in the sun it would become worse.  The itching would sometimes be so bad I wished that someone would just cut them off.

I have suffered with this in the past but just thought I was some kind of vampire and should stay out of the sun and only venture out under the cover of darkness.

I explained this to a friend who informed me I was probably suffering from toxic overload!  My perfume was full of chemicals and I was absorbing this into my body everyday and my poor liver could not cope.  OK now I am listening!  As a empath too I was even more sensitive to the toxins that we are subjected to everyday.

Imagine if you were also suffering from emotional stress (which I was from my work) and then just overloading your body with toxins from food, beauty products and the air we breathe.  You would be feeling pretty crap, right!

This is what I found to be in most beauty products we use everyday.  Look out for these in the ingredients, If you see any, please think carefully about using them.

Synthetic Parabens
Used as preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Look out for Butyl, Propyl and Ethyl Parabens or Benzylparaben, Isobutylparaben or Methylparaben.  Causes premature aging to skin and have a carcinogenic and comedogenic effect.

High levels can cause infertility.  Used as a plasticiser and European Commission is looking to ban its use in cosmetic industry.

Mineral Oil
Commonly used in baby lotions, cold creams and cosmetics.  Coats skin like a plastic interfering with skins ability to eliminate toxins and can result in premature ageing.

Propylene Glycol
From petro-chemicals, used as a moisturiser and as a carrier in fragrance oils which can cause a sensitising affect on the skin.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid used in sunscreens.  Can cause sensitivity and allergic reactions.

This can promote acne and other disorders due to clogging of pores and interferes with skins PH balance.

Also known as Kerosene and is used in cosmetics as a moisturiser or emollient.  More commonly used in jet propulsion this is an irritant to skin and eyes.

Diethanolamine (DEA)
Used in nail polish, lipstick, shampoo and conditioner.  Can irritate skin, eyes and hair follicles.

Symptoms of Toxic Overload to watch out for
Overweight; inability to lose weight;
High cholesterol;
High blood pressure;
Frequent headaches or migraines;
Skin blemishes, discolorations, warts and moles;
Acne, psoriasis, eczema; oily skin; rashes;
Upper and lower excessive gas;
Poor or inadequate digestion, heartburn, acid reflux; bloating after eating;
Bad breath;
Coated tongue when going without food for half or full day;
Constipation; diarrhea; Irritable Bowel Syndrome;
Allergies to foods and chemicals; environmental sensitivity; chemical intolerance;
Sugar cravings;
Excessive alcohol intake;
Diminished eyesight;
Frequent or continued fatigue;
Hormonal imbalance; low sex drive, impotence;
Sluggish metabolism;
Sleep disorders; insomnia;
Excessive body heat;
Poor protein utilization;
Depression, unpleasant moods, mood swings, behavior swings or bi-polar disorder; anger;
Liver cancer;
Gall stones; gallbladder problems;
Fatty liver;
Low immune response; overburdened immune system;
Recurring colds, fevers and mucus;
Poor memory;
Mental fatigue;
Pre-mature aging;
Pre-mature greying of hair;

I now check what is in my beauty products and avoid using perfumes on my skin. I only use natural products and  I also help my clients eliminate toxins from all areas of their life. I recommend a range of toxin, chemical and cruelty free products and also use kinesiology to test which chemicals are affecting my clients well being.  If you would like to know more sign up for one of my free sessions to chat about this here http://sheilakadeer.com/work-with-me/ignite-your-light/


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