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My mission statement is simple:

To help you break free from the conditioning and patterning held in your subconscious so that you can achieve success in all areas of your life. To create that bigger version of YOU which allows you to fully step into your POWER and live the life of your DREAMS.

Are you ready to take BOLD steps in your life and do what it takes to make it happen?

Are you BRAVE enough to take on the challenge of seeing and being YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL?

Do you want to show up as that BRILLIANT version of you that shines with CONFIDENCE in all aspects of your life?




You are a heart centered entrepreneur, coach, consultant, therapist or leader.

You feel overwhelmed and stressed because you are not getting the clients or money coming in that you need.

You are thinking of giving up and going back to a job or career that you dislike just to make ends meet.

Your health is suffering because you are not taking care of yourself, you put everyone else’s needs first.

You have done all the business coaching and marketing programmes and followed them but you are not getting the results you see others getting.

You try so hard but seem to be blocked at every stage.

You know you are meant for more but can’t see a path to get there.



Believe it or not CONFIDENCE is the root cause of the problem. Limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks are sabotaging you at every turn and unless you work on this, things will never change. These limiting beliefs and blocks will forever hold you back and stop you having the confidence to step forward and into your BRILLIANCE.  Having confidence is what is going to get you to where you want to go in life. It is your secret weapon that will turn your thoughts into action and ultimately SUCCESS.




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Hi, I’m Sheila and I am a Business and Life Coach specialising in CONFIDENCE.

I work with heart centered women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners and visionaries who are struggling to get the results they desire in their business and life.

I help them break free of the cycle of self sabotage once and for all so they can experience radical breakthroughs in every area of their business and life.

I went from a broken woman suffering years of domestic abuse, depression, debt and a temporary loss of custody of my own child to running two successful businesses and making a difference to the lives of others and empowering them to step into the greatest version of themselves.

I learnt how my limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck, small and unhappy, I kicked them into touch and I can help you do this too!

As Co Author of the Amazon Kindle International Bestselling Title Born For This! The Journey To Success in Life, Love And Business I share my story of living with and getting out of domestic violence and how this led me to become the empowered woman I am today.




Intuitive and introverted as a child, I enjoyed my own company and kept myself to myself, preferring my own company to that of others.  I was always academic and loved the learning environment.  I was shy and reserved, never wanting to outshine my school friends or be visible in any way.   Growing up my own fears and insecurities kept me small, stopped me from being real and authentic, trying so hard to fit in because I was different.  I continued to try and fit in into my teens then after leaving college I joined the finance industry and worked for a bank.

I was enjoying my career in banking, moving up the ladder and working hard, but  I was felt I was held back, not allowed to take on roles that would have furthered my career.  Always comparing myself to others, feeling not good enough.  I left to join the corporate world.  Here I had the opportunity to continue my studies and I undertook a number of management qualifications and my career moved into marketing.  Corporate life was hard.  Office politics, back stabbing and competition dragged me down.  I was tired and fed up of never getting the next promotion because of this that or the other.  Redundancy was an all too familiar theme and I was made redundant three times.   The corporate environment was competitive and toxic and so I never got the opportunity to shine because there was always someone better (or so my limiting beliefs would tell me).  I never got the breaks at work, always got trodden on as other scrambled for the top and I sometimes felt invisible.  The three redundancies reinforced by belief that I was not good enough.  I also had to deal with an abusive relationship which again added to my limiting beliefs about myself.  I stayed 4 years in this relationship until a light switched on in my head and said “NO MORE” and got my daughter and myself the hell out of there.  After leaving the relationship a court battle ensued. He lied throughout the case and I temporarily lost custody of my daughter and it look a lot of fighting and money to get her back and to win my case. But win, I did.  This is where my life started to change. I started to discover who I really was, the person inside me that had been too scared to come to the surface.  My personal development journey and transformation had begun. I took responsibility for my life and my future and started to make the changes that would later free me from my shackles.

The experience took me in a different direction career wise. I wanted to help other women who had gone through similar situations to myself so I joined the Police. It is not easy to get in but I did whatever I needed to do to be the best I could be to get through the process. I loved my job. Everyday I was fulfilling my passion to help other people. I became a Specially Trained Officer dealing with victims of serious sexual assault and rape. I got to help people who were going through the most traumatic time of their lives.

Very suddenly my father died and I was thrown into my own trauma.  I could not grieve because I was too busy dealing with the trauma of other people around me and so my trauma bucket  began to overflow.  I was the type of person who always wanted to help others before myself you see. I burnt out and was diagnosed with clinical depression.  I was off sick for a year, I just could not go back, I took a career break.  My emotions were raw and I sank into a deep dark abyss which I felt I could not get out of.  My need to want to help others started to override and I opened a spiritual development centre where we sold all manner of things to aid spiritual development such as crystals and oracle cards.  We did therapies and psychic readings and ran a plethora of workshops.  Here I found my passion, calling and purpose.  My intuition came back and started to push me into the limelight, doing readings, healing and teaching.  I opened up fully to the universe and trained in a number of modalities. Here I truly felt happy but then the recession hit and we had no option but to close down the shop.  And so my limiting beliefs and blocks told me once again, I was not good enough, I was a failure.  I started to notice a recurring pattern and wanted to delve deeper into this and change my life once and for all.

In my break from the Police I have trained as a Master Practitioner and Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming, to an advanced level in Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and hold the level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring with the Institute of Management and Leadership.  After a break of 4 years I went back to the Police. Two years in and I knew I was heading for burn out again.  I made the decision to leave and pursue my desire to coach.

One of the key things I have learnt along the way is that I was not being authentic in my life. I was following everyone else’s rules of how I should act and show up in the world. I had to follow the rules, play the game. I was made to feel guilty and shameful about who I really was. Wanting to hide, restricted, playing safe and playing small. Every area of my life was controlled by someone else – an abusive partner, a job, an institution. Now I am in control, I am not afraid to be ME.  I have done the work, shed the layers and I stand in my own power. Confident in who I am and FOLLOWING MY OWN RULES.

 I have put everything I have learnt in the process of OWNING MY OWN STORY and I have brought it all together to help you transform your life and reach your full potential.  To help you clear your blocks and get out of your own way so that you can be all you desire and more.  I have developed a process so that I can see all your internal clutter, all the ways you hold yourself back, how you are hiding and playing small because your confidence is non- existent.  Together we will clear it at a subconscious level allowing you to reach your full potential and shine like the bold, brave and brilliant star you are.  I work with people who are ready to own their purpose and take action. This is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the warrioress ready to WALK THE TALK.

I work in a holistic way, working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  My work is tailored specifically for each client, identifying the core issues and delving deep until you have released them at the unconscious level and in all directions of time.  You will then have all the tools you need for your own personal growth and excellence in life leadership.  I work with both individuals and organisations alike all over the world using cutting edge techniques and my own unique formula for life transformation.


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