What I Learnt From My Dog About Life

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lessons from my dog

What I Learnt From My Dog About Life

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I sat looking at my dog the other day and it got me wondering. He loves his life, he doesn’t have a care in the world, he does what he wants all day and everything he needs is provided for. So I thought well how could I be more dog? How could I live a happy life with no worries what so ever.

Firstly dogs live in the present. They do not worry about what is going to happen in the future. Or when will they be fed, they do not worry about what might happen if they meet a dog they don’t like on their walk. They do not think about bad things that have happened in the past. They live in the now. As humans we are always thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Just think how peaceful life would be if we lived in the now.

The second thing I realised about my dog is everything he needs is provided for. By me of course but if I could adopt this attitude then the universe could provide for me in the same way. You have heard of the law of attraction, well this is it. The thing is to attract what you want you need to be in the right vibration and if you are worrying about the past or future you will not be in the right vibrational energy. So another reason to live in the now.

Lastly he is grateful for everything. When I come back with treats in the shopping, he wags his tail in delight and happiness. When I give him his dinner he looks at me with appreciation. His excitement about walkies. Gratitude is another key piece in the law of attraction game. Be grateful for everything, write what you are grateful for in your journal. If you do this everyday you will soon notice how your life flows much more easily. Your luck shifts and you attract the things into your life that you want.

So my dog has taught me to be present, open to the possibilities and be grateful for everything that I have. Isn’t it time you became a little more dog?

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