What Are Your Aches And Pains Telling You About Your Life?

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What Are Your Aches And Pains Telling You About Your Life?

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Do you ever wonder if your body is trying to tell you something? I remember picking up a book about 6 years ago written by Louise L Hay called Heal Your Body. She has catalogued a list of ailments and problems along with the probable cause and a new thought pattern to embrace to heal it.  It makes a lot of sense to me that what we think can directly affect our body. If we believe something on an unconscious level then it has to manifest on a physical level.

If for example you hold a deep seated belief that to earn money you have to work hard, then this will be your truth. You will have to work hard, money won’t flow easily, you will have to put in the hours because your unconscious mind will create the experiences that support this belief.

In Louise Hay’s book she says that dis-ease is the result of our mental thought patterns. We can have good thoughts that will create good experiences and also negative thoughts that create the illnesses. Her book all came flooding back to me this week when I developed an annoying pain in my bottom.  I remember the last time I had a pain in this area, I was unhappy in certain aspects of my life but was not getting off my butt to take any action.

I looked up this area in Louise Hay’s book and this is what I found.  Anger in relation to what you don’t want to release. This I can totally relate to.  Both times I have had this issue I have been angry. Now I can work on that to release it and hopefully my pain in the butt will disappear.

So I looked up some more of my ailments:

Lower back pain – fear of money, lack of financial support – Yep.

Having trouble with near vision – fear of the present – Yep.

Dizziness – Flighty, scattered thinking – Yep, I am all over the place at the moment.

So now I have identified these I can work on the mental thoughts I am having and reframe them to positive thoughts and hopefully recover from my ailments.

If you are having aches, pains or illnesses it may be time to look at the work of Louise Hay.

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Honey Lansdowne

July 9, 2016at 7:12 pm

I absolutely believe this to be true. The mind and body are totally connected and reflective of each other. Thanks for the reminder of Louise Hay stuff.

Bibi Van Heerden

July 10, 2016at 5:26 am

Interesting – I would be interested to know how Louise Hay correlates with the Blood Type Diet. Any ideas?


    July 10, 2016at 11:01 am

    I have not seen any information on that Bibi, but I am interested to find out!

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