Taking Back Control of Your Life

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Taking Back Control of Your Life

When things are not going your way in life you essentially have two
options.  Give up or fight back.  We have all been through difficult
times in our lives.  Times where you have just had enough, things
could not get any worse.  Things keep going wrong, back luck hits us.
Job losses, relationship break downs, the death of a loved one. Here
are my top tips for getting your life back on track.

Take Responsibility
This really is the most important thing.  Don’t look for someone else
to blame.  Take charge and ownership of the problem.  Perhaps the
situation is a learning point for your soul.  You are living a human
life and that means experiencing life good and bad.  Maybe on some
level you have attracted the situation into your life through your own
limiting beliefs.  Beliefs you may have brought over from a past life
or your childhood.  This is not your fault and can be changed.  For me
I had a limiting belief that I was not good enough and so I attracted
into my life an abusive relationship to support that belief.  You see
how this works?  Thankfully I now have a loving and supportive partner
but for a long time I lived in fear of my life.
All too often we blame outside circumstances for our situation and
this is not taking responsibility.  True change can only occur once
you take ownership of your life.

Feel The Emotion
Don’t bottle up your emotions around the situation.  Feel it, express
it, talk about it safely to someone you trust.  Don’t go into victim
mode.  As a human it is normal to feel anger, hurt, guilt, sadness and
shame.  Holding on to emotions can make us ill.  Anger can lead to
heart problems, sadness can lead to depression and fear can lead to
excessive stress and phobias.  So don’t carry these emotions around
with you.  Acknowledge if you feel angry, shout and cry if you need to
but do it in a safe way.  Shouting at your boss is probably not a good
idea, even if they have really pushed all your buttons! Go outside,
count to 10, breathe deeply and if you still need to shout, go
somewhere private where you won’t be heard and let it all out.

Decide What You Want Instead
Write down what it is you actually want in your life instead of the
situation you find yourself in.  Let’s say you have split up with your
boyfriend and you feel like your world has fallen apart. He has
someone new so he is not coming back.  Write a list of attributes for
your perfect partner.  Be really specific here, and I mean specific. I
know of someone who did this to find her perfect job.  She found it
and it ticked all her boxes.  The problem was none of her co workers
liked her.  She was miserable in her perfect job so left quickly.
Silly as it sounds you really do have to be specific.

Vision It
So you have a list of what you want.  Each morning go through your
list for your perfect job, relationship, house, life, whatever it may
be.  Spend some time really focusing on it.  Try doing a vision board.
Use affirmations.  See it in your mind in detail. When you are
visioning it, imagine you have a dial and start turning up the
brightness, size, the sounds, imagine the smells.  See it as a picture
in front of you and step into it.  Really feel it.  Feels good doesn’t

Take Inspired Action
Starting taking small steps towards your goal.  You have to take
action.  The universe is not going to give you what you want if you
are not showing any commitment to it.  So if it is a new relationship
you are wanting and you have asked for a sporty man, try going to the
gym.  You need to go the places he might be hanging out.  He is not
going to be hanging about in your living room is he?  So get out
there. If you are wanting to start a new career, start looking at
courses that could help you get there, order a college prospectus.
You have to make an effort and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  Listen to your
intuition and take that inspired action even if it seems silly.  You
are more intuitive than you know!

Own It
WALK THE TALK! Act like you have it already.  Your emotions need to be
in alignment with the state you want.  This is really important.  So
if you want a fabulous, relationship and be blissfully happy, you
can’t go around being sad and glum all day.  You have to act like you
are in this wonderful relationship already.  Feel the joy and
excitement of new love, the new job, the new house.  Smile from the
inside out.
By taking responsibility you can take control of your life and deal
with anything that life throws at you gracefully and easily.

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