Is Your Past Making You Overweight?

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Is Your Past Making You Overweight?

If you are one of those people that has tried every diet out there but never been able to get to your ideal weight, have you considered your emotional pain could be responsible for your weight gain?

Every extra pound of weight equates to a pound of emotional pain that you are carrying in your heart and soul.

Emotional pain triggers us to overeat and use food as a way to dull the pain.

How do you know that your hunger is emotional?

Here are some clues.

1.  The hunger comes on suddenly.  One minute you are not thinking about food, the next you are starving.
2.  You crave a certain food and no substitute will do.  It could be chocolate, pastries, spicy food, dairy or high fat foods.
3.  The hunger is above your neck – you can almost taste that cake in your mouth and your mind is buzzing with thoughts of the food.
4. The hunger is urgent – you want food and you want it NOW.
5.  It is paired with a negative emotion – you got told off at work for example or got a rejection letter for a job.
6.  You eat as if hypnotised.  Its an automatic response – you keep on tucking in to the ice cream and before you know it the whole tub is gone.
7.  The hunger does not go even when you are full.
8.  You feel guilty afterwards – you say to yourself – tomorrow I will exercise for example.

How can you reduce emotional hunger?

1.  Make a conscious decision not to eat for 15 minutes.
2. Leave the house or throw away the desired food so you cannot have it.
3. Brush your teeth or drink a glass of water.
4. Listen to your body and determine whether this is a negative emotion you are feeling.
5. Replace the negative emotion with a positive one – do something nice for yourself.

This is from Doreen Virtues book – Constant Craving.



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