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toxic overload

Are You Suffering From Toxic Overload?

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When I used to work in the police I worked long hours but wanted to stay as fresh as a daisy all day so I used to use a certain perfume everyday. To keep the scent for an 11 hour shift I would layer it using shower gel, body lotion and perfume.  I would leave

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empath and narcissist

The Narcissist And The Empath

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I speak with a lot of empaths, sensitives and lightworkers during the course of my work and there is one thing that has stood out for me from these conversations. Empaths attract narcissists. I know as I have met my fair share in my time, but what I have learnt is how to deal with

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empower your life

Tools To Empower Your Life

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If your life is spiralling out of control and you need to get back on track these are the tools that I use.  Getting them into your daily practice will help you live your life on your terms and help you deal with stress and overcome obstacles with ease.  You will also raise your vibration

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lessons from my dog

What I Learnt From My Dog About Life

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I sat looking at my dog the other day and it got me wondering. He loves his life, he doesn’t have a care in the world, he does what he wants all day and everything he needs is provided for. So I thought well how could I be more dog? How could I live a

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heal your life

What Are Your Aches And Pains Telling You About Your Life?

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Do you ever wonder if your body is trying to tell you something? I remember picking up a book about 6 years ago written by Louise L Hay called Heal Your Body. She has catalogued a list of ailments and problems along with the probable cause and a new thought pattern to embrace to heal

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What Is An Empath?

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Have you ever wondered what an empath is and if in fact you are one? You have probably heard the term banded about in spiritual circles along with sensitive, lightworker and earth angel. An empath can be all of those things too. Being an empath means that you can pick up on other peoples energy

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What Our Clients Say

I went to see Sheila initially for a reading, as a mutual friend had recommended her to me. Her reading was incredibly accurate and gave me a lot of further insight into a situation currently going on in my life. She also picked up on the fact that I was emotionally drained due to being an empath and taking on everyone else’s “stuff”. She told me about the “Sensitive Soul Alchemy” day she runs and it sounded perfect for me. I took an emotional attachment issue to Sheila to work on during the day, one that I was ashamed and embarrassed about but she really made me feel OK about it, not like a “freak” and helped me to work on it. She was also incredibly supportive outside of our set sessions too when I became emotionally overwhelmed with the issue. I struggle to ask for help and I felt comfortable enough to go to Sheila and she didn’t let me down or make me feel like I was bothering her. She knew that a few messages would help me so much to reassure and calm me, which she gave me without even a second thought. Sheila has helped me, and continues to do so, with my problem and the fact that I’m an empath and in an emotionally demanding job. She is incredibly placid and reassuring without judging or being patronising. She has helped me through a very hard time and she has given me the tools to help myself if it gets tough again. Thank you so much Sheila, you are truly an Earth Angel.



( Hypnotherapist )

Sheila did a session on cord cutting for old relationships with me which really left me feeling energised and lighter afterwards as if a weight had been lifted from me. Old energy from others can keep us from moving on successfully in our lives. I recommend anyone wanting to release old baggage from their lives to see Sheila for a session as soon as possible! Your life will improve endlessly.


Cheryl Cook

( Wellness Advocate and Massage Therapist )

I have had the pleasure of meeting Sheila about a year ago and have been very pleased that I did. Sheila has helped me to learn to focus on my inner self more, to listen to my own intuition, look at my past as well as my future. I feel my spiritual self is growing and I am learning a lot about the ‘power within’. Sheila is very calm and knowledgeable and I would definitely not hesitate recommending her to anyone who would like to take control of their life and learn more about their ‘inner self’.


Rosie Coutts

( Director )

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